“Jakes Flypants® are the ultimate protection from flies. Fly sprays don't last, fly boots twist and sag and only cover the lower legs. The fabric washes up beautifully and finally, a flysheet my horses don't sweat in. Thank you for these outstanding products, they are hands down the best around. Can't tell you how thrilled I am to have them!”

Cheryl , your #1 flypants fan!

“Jakes Flypants® are great! They brought my 6 year old thoroughbred instant relief from the flies. Once they were on, he quit stomping his front legs immediately--a problem that was causing his shoes to become loose. He and I are so happy we found this product!”

Kim, hunter/jumper rider

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A Revolutionary Equine
Pest Control Product

For use both in paddock or under saddle...

Jakes Flypants®, a protective garment created with the horse's comfort and safety in mind. It provides protection for your horse from the irritating and potentially debilitating effects of flies, ticks and other aggressive insects.

Jakes Flypants® give and move with your horse while staying securely attached, so a comfortable and secure fit is achieved. May be used in multiple disciplines or gaits, pleasure rides or in brushy terrain where ticks might be a problem. Jakes Flypants® may be used while at horse shows before entering the ring, workouts or cool down periods, providing a chemical free and superior insect defense.

Insect Vector Control!

  • Insect defense - Fly & Tick and other insect vector control.
  • Wound protector - Vector control for disease, protective garment.
  • In conjunction with a poultice - Medical applications.
  • Reduction of area barn flies when worn in conjunction with other fly control garments.*

No Chemicals!

  • A must have for chemical sensitive horses!
  • No chemicals introduced to the environment!
  • U.V. Sun Protection - Especially beneficial for horses with thin, fair or sensitive skin.


  • Wide variety of sizes - XXs Miniature Horse, Xs. 12-13hh., Sm. 13-14hh., Med. 14-15hh., Lg. 15-16hh. and an XL. 17-18hh.
  • Draft horse, Mini Donkey and Burro, 11-12 hh and 12-13 hh. sizes also available soon!
  • Worn while at pasture or in stall and under saddle.
  • May be used with splint boots or other wraps.

Quality & Design!

  • Long lasting durable construction.
  • Quality materials & components will save money over time of use.
  • Many stock colors to choose from.
  • Barn and Team colors are also available
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA!

*Personal, not scientific observation. Over a 3-week period.

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