“Jakes Flypants® are the ultimate protection from flies. Fly sprays don't last, fly boots twist and sag and only cover the lower legs. The fabric washes up beautifully and finally, a flysheet my horses don't sweat in. Thank you for these outstanding products, they are hands down the best around. Can't tell you how thrilled I am to have them!”

Cheryl , your #1 flypants fan!

“Jakes Flypants® are great! They brought my 6 year old thoroughbred instant relief from the flies. Once they were on, he quit stomping his front legs immediately--a problem that was causing his shoes to become loose. He and I are so happy we found this product!”

Kim, hunter/jumper rider

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About Jakes Flypants®

A note from the inventor of Jakes Flypants®

I grew up with horses. For a period of about 2 1/2 years I was given the pleasure of having one of the kindest natured horses a person could have in their life and God could give, his name was Jake.

The concept of the flypants came from an earnest desire to protect Jake from the biting flies that would ride along with us in the morning and then stay the rest of the day!

I am very fortunate to be able to ride from my home in Yucaipa to many local areas that promote horses. One morning stands out more then others, I was also being eaten by flies! Making the ride short that morning, I came home early, all the way being followed by our new friends. After getting Jake’s tack off and rinsing him off, the flies were still eating him alive! Despite all his attempts to relive himself of them, by rolling and all the stomping of hooves, still no relief!

I had to do something about it.

I’d already bought every fly gadget that was on the market and top dollar fly spray. No garment covered the areas that my horse was experiencing a problem with. The leg wraps I bought only covered the lower portion of his legs, and sprays lasted only a few hours. Jake was still stomping his hooves!

I didn’t tell Jake he looked like he was waiting for Sir. Lancelot!

I found some old sunscreen laying around the house that looked like something I could at least wrap his legs with. By laying sunscreen around his neck and over his withers and with the help of a pair of scissors, a few safety pins and some short pieces of rope, Jakes Flypants® were conceived! The best part, after applying a flysheet and his fly hood and face wrap, the flies had stopped getting to him altogether! All without the use of chemicals! No Jousting here!

The sense of relief!

Horse owners shouldn’t ever have to watch their horses suffer! After many modifications, a patent pending, God’s gentle hand, and an enormous amount of help from all the great people I get to have in my life, I can now offer Jakes Flypants™ and Jakes Flysheet for all horse owners to enjoy.

A personal note.

The Jakes Flypants project from concept to present has been a fun and amazing journey! The process itself, if I were told in the beginning, would have been an overwhelming thought. God provided the light for every step I made in the dark.
I have since been able to pursue dreams and projects that would have never been possible with my former way of thought. God gives you so many gifts without your knowledge, you just have to remember that you asked, and have faith and believe!

A special thanks I give for the time I had My father, John Sherer, in my life. I want to grow wise like him.

Thanks Dad.

Ross Sherer
Owner, Sherer Enterprises and Inventor of Jakes Flypants®